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Singapore has a big concern on dengue. In 2024, the cumulative  number of reported cases on dengue in the first 12 weeks rocketed to 4,817, which is about double of that in 2023 Q1 (first 13 weeks 2,360 cases of dengue is reported). All parties in the society should take a serious awareness on keeping tracking on the premises, schools, and the working environments to avoid the transmission of dengue and Zika virus by mosquitoes.

For schools, National Environment Agency suggested a checklist for the schools to be able to facilitate control mosquitoes. For example, having a weekly measures on the following areas:

Moreover, checking roof drainage and gutters twice a week and applying sand granular insecticide to all toilet bowls, cisterns, and gully traps in toilets when school vocations twice a week are also released to destructing the mosquito breeding updated at 19 April 2023. Beside the school education, the schools also tell the message of ‘Spray, Apply, Wear’ or ‘SAW’ in short to the parents. However, from the statistics above-mentioned, obviously it is not enough to stop the mosquito breeding in the society. Therefore, additional action is required for tackling the problem.

Mozzie Defender | Outdoor Mosquito Trap Suitable at Schools and Kindergarten

Mozzie Defender is a pesticide-free mosquito trap that using a combination of 3 methods to attract the mosquito getting inside the machine, UV light, carbon dioxide (CO2), and smell imitating human breathing.

Firstly, UV light will attract the positive phototaxis insects, such as mosquito, moths, and some bugs. Secondly, Mozzie Defender will release carbon dioxide (CO2) by imitate human breathing and skin. Thirdly, the insect attractant is used inside the machine. It produces the substances that similar to the smell of human skin. A insect glue trap should be installed inside the machine too. With the combination of these elements, the mozzie will be attracted by many elements and sticked inside Mozzie Defender, so that it gives an effective result on mosquito control.

Mozzie Defender has been widely used in Hong Kong, such as railway, hospitals, theme parks, and schools. It gives an effective result and being continuously used in these areas.

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The Mozzie Defender is an innovative solution designed to combat biting insects, particularly mosquitoes. It utilizes a combination of carbon dioxide,heat,attractants, and moisture to create an irresistible trap for these pests. Simultaneously, it capture the insects and store them in a net. With its unique approach, it offers a long-term solution to the persistent problem of these bothersome pests.

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