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About Portable Air Cooler & Dehumidifier 移动冷风机及抽湿机

SK Cool - Mobile Air Cooler & Dehumidifier

• Brand品牌: Sing Kong
• Product Name产品名称: SK Cool
• 1年新加坡原厂保养|1 year maintenance in Singapore

SK Cool Air coolers provide efficient, eco-friendly cooling by evaporating water to lower surrounding air temperature. The cooler has been lab tested to produce cold air at 17 degrees. Also, the air cooler slim body makes it easy to place and store. Suitable for personal or small space freezing. Plug and play(easy-to-use), no installation required.

Air cooler coverage areas is 5 square meters. Just like an air conditioner. 

SK Cool Air 冷却器通过蒸发水来降低周围空气温度,提供高效、环保的冷却效果。该冷却器经过实验室测试,可在 17 度产生冷空气。此外,纤薄的机身便于放置和存放。冷風機覆蓋面積5平方米。就像空调一样。适用于个人或小空间降温。即插即用(易于使用),无需安装。

• Low power consumption – just 250W
• Approximate space area: 5 square meters
• 24 hours operation
• Lab tested cooler can produces cold air at 17 degrees

*With Cooling, Dehumidifying, Ventilating
*User-Friendly Program: Auto/ Lock/ Sleep
*24Hour Timer: Auto-On / Auto-Off (Unique!)
*Self-Evaporating Technique:No Draining and No Dripping, Power-Saving
* Removable filters design
*Water full auto-stop
*With mini remote control
*With reliable castors
-2 fan speed, touch pad screen, auto swing
-Low noise
-Hot air eliminated / ductless design, no need to connect a exhaust air pipe to the window.


Just like an air conditioner

Two levels of fan speed selection (high and low) and automatic mode
Temperature range: 17℃ to 30℃
Humidity range: 30%RH to 90%RH
Left-right oscillating air delivery function


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