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Patent product 专利产品 | IPX6Waterproof 防水认证 | CB Scheme 国际认证

How it works?

The mosquito lamp emits mosquitoes by emitting important substances that attract mosquitoes, simulating the carbon dioxide released by human breathing and the moist body, body odor and chromatic aberration (365 ultraviolet specific spectrum) emitted from the body surface.

When the mosquitoes are close to the machine, a 360-degree funnel vortex is formed by the powerful suction of the built-in fan to inhale the mosquitoes into the built-in storage bag.

After the mosquitoes are dried, they cause dehydration and death.

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Environmental Friendly

Mozzie Defender Features 产品特点

UV light attracts mosquitoes

Not only attract mosquitoes, but also attract other indoor insects. If Mozzie Defender is positioned correctly and operates continuously throughout the season, it will effectively reduce mosquito populations.

Imitation human body odor

The patented Mosquito Attractant is an organic and artificial scent that mimics the scent on human skin. It targets Asian species of female mosquitoes. Using our Mosquito Attractant as an additional attractant can greatly increase the trapping rate of Asian species of mosquitoes.

CO2 Gas (just like us!)

The main component released by human respiration is carbon dioxide (CO2), and hungry female mosquitoes will be attracted by CO2 and skin odors. Therefore, our Mozzie Defender will release carbon dioxide gas, which allows mosquitoes to smell carbon dioxide from a long distance, and then comes to the mosquito trap from a distance.

Powerful Suction fan

The built-in fan will suck the mosquitoes near the lice into the mosquito collection box and kill them by dehydration.

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Patented Products

Solar version coming soon

Large solar panel operating 24 hours a day (only available on Solar model).

Solar Mozzie Defender is waterproof as it is IPX6 certified gives customers confidence that the product will continue to operate despite direct exposure to water.

Mozzie Defender is the most efficient mosquito trap I’ve ever seen

24/7 | Waterproof IPX6 | Mosquito Traps

Professional Mosquito Control Solution provides one-stop services such as outdoor mosquito pest
control, office building mosquito control, and
school mosquito control, providing high-quality, reliable and
satisfactory solutions. We provide different solutions for
different environments and use certified mosquito trap,
which are guaranteed to be harmless to the human
body. Welcome to inquire. Work out different services.

Frequently Asked Question

The Mozzie Defender are designed with safety in mind and can be used outdoors. No
harmful attractants are used to eliminate mosquitoes. However, it’s important to
follow the manufacturer’s guidelines to ensure proper ventilation and safe operation.

The Mozzie Defender are designed to be environmentally friendly, using non-toxic
lures and avoiding harmful chemicals. Check the product specifications to confirm its
eco-friendly features.

The Mozzie Defender requires regular maintenance, including the replacement of the
odor pack and CO2 gas. Additionally, it is important to clean the device to remove
debris, and the sticky traps should have their adhesive sheets replaced periodically.

Sure, the mosquito trap – Mozzie Defender have a general ability to attract a wide
range of mosquito species. And it is particularly effective in attracting mosquitoes
such as the Yellow Fever mosquito and the Asian Tiger mosquito.

The time needed to notice a reduction in mosquitoes depends on the trap’s efficiency and the infestation level. Some traps show noticeable results in a few days, while others may take a week or more.

Many mosquito traps are designed to be environmentally friendly, using non-toxic lures and avoiding harmful chemicals. Check the product specifications to confirm its eco-friendly features.

Indeed, the Mozzie Defender features an IPX6 waterproof design specifically tailored
for outdoor usage. Customers can rest assured knowing that the device can withstand
inclement weather conditions without any concerns. Moreover, the Mozzie Defender
effectively eradicates all mosquitoes. Moreover, Home Defender is designed to kill
mosquitoes indoors all day and all night.

Yes, the mosquito trap – Mozzie Defender need eletrical power sources. However, its
monthly electricity consumption is very low, amounting to less than S$2. Based on the
total power consumption of the Mozzie Defender, which is 65.7 kWh per year, and
considering an Electric Tariff of 32.47 cents/kWh, the annual cost of power consump-
tion would be approximately S$21 (65.7 x S$0.3247)


Looking for Mosquito Trap

The Mozzie Defender is an innovative solution designed to combat biting insects, particularly mosquitoes. It utilizes a combination of carbon dioxide,heat,attractants, and moisture to create an irresistible trap for these pests. Simultaneously, it capture the insects and store them in a net. With its unique approach, it offers a long-term solution to the persistent problem of these bothersome pests.

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