Mozzie Defender

ABOUT Mozzie Defender 戶外灭蚊器

Defeat Mosquitoes with Mozzie Defender - The Best Mosquito Killer

The Purpose of Mozzie Defender

Designed to attract and capture Asian Tiger mosquitoes and yellow fever mosquitoes (Aedes aegypti) both indoors and outdoors without insecticides.

Brand品牌: Sing Kong
Product Name产品名称: Mozzie Defender
新加坡原厂保养|Maintenance in Singapore

23cm(W) x 23cm(L) x 60cm(H)
Power consumption
220V, 50-60Hz, 15W
Attracting Method
Suction Fan, UV light, Human sweat scent, Carbon dioxide
Serving area
15m diameter / approx. 183 sq. m.
Effective Operation
24 hrs
Water Proof Level
Power cable
10 Meter
On Grass or Concrete

Mozzie Defender Principle原理 | Mosquito Killer 灭蚊捕蚊器
The mosquito killer attracts mosquitoes by releasing 3 key substances (1) carbon dioxide released by human breathing and body water, (2) (patented) human sweat odor (3) specific UV spectrum. When mosquitoes approach the mosquito trap, the suction of the powerful fan on the top of the machine creates a funnel vortex, sucking the mosquito into the built-in mosquito storage bag. The mosquito will then be dried until it dies of dehydration.


Mosquito killer process诱蚊過程:

Step 1.
The carbon dioxide sends a signal from a distance to indicate their presence.

Step 2.
When they approach, they detect the scent and mistake it for human presence.

Step 3.
Once close, a suction fan will suck them into the trap and dehydrate them.

The patented Mozzie Defender is a highly effective mosquito trap developed and produced by a Hong Kong R&D team. The theory, through research and development steps, proved that CO2 is effective in catching mosquitoes. As expected by the theory, more customers, such as hospitals, schools, and government departments, began to use it. Since the mosquito trap was put into use, school staff have noticed a significant reduction in the number of mosquitoes.

Mozzie Defender专利高效捕蚊器,是由香港研发团队研究及生产。理论透过研究与开发步骤, 证明发现CO2在捕捉蚊子方面有出色成效。因为正如理论所预期的那样, 开始有更多的客户,例如医院、学校、政府部门都相继使用。自捕蚊器投入使用以来,更有学校工作人员注意到蚊子数量显着减少。


Say Goodbye to Dengue

The Mozzie Defender Mosquito Trap is a pesticide-free mosquito trap designed to target mosquitoes and other flying pests in your home. Mozzie Defender is particularly attractive to aggressive and daytime biting mosquitoes such as the Asian Tiger Mosquito. And this electric trap is designed to be placed outdoors in your apartment or house for convenience.

Mozzie Defender 捕蚊器是一款无农药捕蚊器,专门针对家中的蚊子和其他飞行害虫。Mozzie Defender 对攻击性强且白天叮咬的蚊子(如亚洲虎蚊)特别有吸引力。为了方便起见,这款电动捕蚊器可放置在公寓或房屋的户外。


Looking for Mosquito Trap

The Mozzie Defender is an innovative solution designed to combat biting insects, particularly mosquitoes. It utilizes a combination of carbon dioxide,heat,attractants, and moisture to create an irresistible trap for these pests. Simultaneously, it capture the insects and store them in a net. With its unique approach, it offers a long-term solution to the persistent problem of these bothersome pests.

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