Mozzie Defender
Placing Strategy

Positioning of Mozzie Defender

As with all of our mosquito traps, the placement of the Mozzie Defender is very important. Because the Mozzie Defender is an outdoor trap, the best result occurs when the trap is protected from direct sunlight, is placed in areas with a little wind and is placed in moist areas. Furthermore, place the trap among bushes and keep the vegetation at least 50 cm (16 inches) from the top of the trap. Above all placements of Mozzie Defender always on ground level give the best capture results.

Where do I place Mozzie Defender?

1. In close proximity to a mosquito resting area.
– Naturally protected by trees or shrubs.
– A place without wind.

2. In close proximity to a mosquito breeding area.
– An area with abundant weeds.
– In close proximity to or easily prone to dampness.
– In close proximity to areas where water is often
stored or collected, such as saucers, buckets, pots,
or bins.

Place Mozzie Defender near the shrubs that receive only morning sunlight.


Position the Mozzie Defender close to the well (humid), which tends to be humid.


Placing the Mozzie Defender in the shady area between the hedges is an excellent choice, as the sunlight filters through the hedges only minimally.



Higher catch rates are in shady area between the hedges.

Operation of the Mozzie Defender

The positioning of the Mozzie Defender is crucial for achieving the best results. Since the Mozzie Defender is designed for outdoor use, it is most effective when placed in a location shielded from direct sunlight, with minimal wind, and in areas with moisture. Additionally, it is recommended to position the trap amidst bushes while ensuring that the vegetation is at least 50 cm (16 inches) away from the top of the trap. Above all, placing the Mozzie Defender at ground level consistently yields the highest capture results.


Looking for Mosquito Trap

The Mozzie Defender is an innovative solution designed to combat biting insects, particularly mosquitoes. It utilizes a combination of carbon dioxide,heat,attractants, and moisture to create an irresistible trap for these pests. Simultaneously, it capture the insects and store them in a net. With its unique approach, it offers a long-term solution to the persistent problem of these bothersome pests.

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